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Mouthguards are an essential piece of equipment for anyone involved in sports. While people playing contact sports such as hockey, football, rugby and martial arts would benefit most from a mouthguard, non-contact sports such as soccer, basketball and baseball also present situations where they can be worthwhile.

A mouthguard is a resilient appliance which is worn usually over the top teeth to protect the teeth and soft tissues such as the lips and tongue from trauma. However, what many people don't know is that a mouthguard also protects the person wearing it from concussions. When a person receives a blow to the jaw, the impact is transferred from the lower jaw through the upper teeth to the brain where the force of the blow can cause the brain to impact against the inside of the skull causing a concussion. When a mouthguard is being worn, much of this force is absorbed by the mouthguard in the same way an airbag protects people in a car. Therefore, the brain is cushioned against the blow and concussions are often avoided.

Having a custom fit mouthguard made is a simple process which involves impressions of a patient's teeth being taken, from which models of the teeth are made. The mouthguard is then created on these models allowing a perfectly fitted appliance to be made. This process takes 2 short (15 minute) appointments several days apart.

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